Bringing down the house: Knee Deep Act 3 launches in March!

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Yep. Dog driving a tractor.

It’s almost time for the final curtain call of Knee Deep. The third act of this theatrical swamp noir adventure takes the stage on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux on March 8.
During the first two acts, our players have guided blogger Romana Teague, newspaper reporter Jack Bellet, and private investigator K.C. Gaddis through a murky maze of conspiracy, betrayal, and murder in the backwater Florida town of Cypress Knee.

In Act 3: Boomtown, it’s time for our unlikely heroes to get to the truth deep in the wilds of Cypress Swamp, with help from the few friends they’ve got left. You’ll help them get to the bottom of the mystery that’s been building since a janitor found a dead man dangling from the tower at Chief Roadside’s. Everything comes down to these final hours.

Maybe you’re just finding out about Knee Deep. Maybe you’ve heard of it, but wanted to wait until all three acts launched before taking the plunge. Either way, now’s a great time to grab the game.
Pick up Knee Deep now at the $14.99 price on Steam to get the Acts 1 and 2 (Wonderland and Festival) and Boomtown’s yours free as an update on launch day. That early adopter price climbs to $19.99 after the story’s conclusion in Act 3 is released on March 8.

Delve into a choice-driven narrative adventure that’s heavy on the noir, a cross between “Twin Peaks” and “True Detective,” with flawed central characters, theatrical presentation, and distinctive art style.

Game features:

  • Dialogue-driven choices
  • Story-centric puzzles
  • Moody soundtrack by SkewSound
  • Voice acting coordinated by Krash Creative, starring Arielle DeLisle, George Washington III, and Dan Osborne.

Prologue Games is a small indie game development company based in Durham, N.C. We launched the first act of Knee Deep in July 2015. Act 2 launched in November. We’ve taken the first two acts to trade shows such as EGX Rezzed and EGX 2015, with strong positive critical response. Visit the game’s official website.

Press info: Send queries to Project summary available online. Media kit also available.

The odds are stacked against our heroes in the swamps of Cypress Knee.

The odds are stacked against our heroes in the swamps of Cypress Knee.

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