First live demo of Knee Deep this week

KneeDeep_act1 (3)

UPDATE: You can watch a recording of the live stream demo on our YouTube channel.

It’s a momentous week for the team at Prologue Games: we’re unveiling the first gameplay footage from Act 1: Wonderland!

We’ve been waiting to lift the curtain on our swamp noir adventure and the time has finally arrived–it all starts tomorrow 1:00pm EST when we live stream the demo of Knee Deep, Act 1: Wonderland. We’ll play through the demo, offer commentary on the story and characters, and provide insight into the game’s ongoing development. We’ll also take questions directly on Twitch, although you can tweet at us or send us questions via Facebook. This is the first opportunity to see the game in action and the only way to see it this week outside of London.

Yup, that’s right, London–Prologue Games is in the UK this week for EGX Rezzed. We’re showcasing Knee Deep to the indie game-loving masses Thursday through Saturday. We’ll be talking about the game, letting adventure fans go hands-on with the demo, and taking in all the feedback.

To recap:

TUESDAY >>> Gamedev – Environmental art with Cory on Twitch

WEDNESDAY >>> Live Demo of Knee Deep, Act 1: Wonderland on Twitch (1:00pm EST)

THURSDAY-SATURDAY >>> Knee Deep playable at EGX Rezzed 2015

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