Inside the Virtual Actor’s Studio: Gordon Cordray


Gordon Cordray is the top representative for the Church of Us in the state of Florida, a secretive religious organization that boasts high profile celebrity members like actor Tag Kern…while collecting membership dues, of course. Traveling from town to town to spread the prosperity of the Church, he’s frequently seen aboard a luxurious recreational vehicle that boasts the church motto: “Help us help you help yourself.”

During his time with the church, he’s helped establish satellite offices throughout the Sunshine State, including in downtown Cypress Knee. He’s got a vested interest in seeing more people drawn to the towns he represents because that means more prospects for recruitment—and more cash for the church.

Decades ago, he worked as a movie studio executive in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he ran afoul of private investigator (and playable character) K.C. Gaddis. Cordray’s former boss at the studio, Boyd Conover, was exposed by Gaddis for having an affair with an underage actress. Disgraced, Conover killed himself. Now, the two are in Cypress Knee at the same time…

Uncover more of Gordon Cordray’s secrets starting Monday, July 6 when Knee Deep, Act 1: Wonderland is available for Windows PC/Mac/Linux on Steam.


Now $9.99 until Act 2 launch

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