Knee Deep, Act 1: Wonderland now available

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Can you smell the swamp water? Hear the toads croaking? Feel those little mosquito legs dancing lightly on your forehead? Beware the leeches in your swimming trunks!

It’s time to dive in to Knee Deep! Happy launch day!

The first act of this new swamp noir adventure by Prologue Games takes you to the tacky Florida tourist trap of Chief Roadside’s Wonderland, where they take on the roles of a blogger, a newspaper reporter, and a private investigator to check out the apparent suicide of a has-been Hollywood actor named Tag Kern.

And you can help solve the mystery right now.

Order the Knee Deep Season Pass on Steam today and you can:

  • Grumble at virtual bosses
  • Take a creepy test for a cult church
  • Deal with an angry ex-wife
  • Try to be a good parent
  • Call your mother–she misses you!
  • Decide whether to pick fairness or popularity in reports
  • Learn random trivia from a phony Cajun
  • Yell “Pineapple!” for no apparent reason

Plus, you’ll automatically get the remaining two acts as updates as they release. Our Steam page also offers a collector’s edition Digital Playbill to commemorate the release of the first act.

We’ve been hard at work on this game for about a year, developing a unique theatrical approach that really sets Knee Deep apart from more traditional point-and-click adventure. We’re proud of what our team’s accomplished in Act 1. To celebrate, we had a 3D scene printed with the three stars of our show, which is featured in the above photo. Thanks so much for your support!


Now $9.99 until Act 2 launch

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