Knee Deep, Act 2: Festival coming November 2015


Intermission ends this November when Knee Deep returns to the stage for Act 2: Festival. The next installment of our swamp noir adventure continues the search for truth in the swamp town of Cypress Knee. Romana, Jack, and K.C. are drawn deeper into the backwater town, this time local politics complicating their investigation into Tag Kern’s death and the Golden Cypress development.

Next week, we’ll be showcasing a playable demo of Act 2: Festival during EGX in Birmingham, UK. We’re excited to finally share what we’ve been working on through summer. In addition to the new plot twists and character revelations in store, Act 2 is coming in a big way with new features and an enhanced presentation including voice acting. Look forward to a preview of Act 2 and more information on what’s in store during our EGX event coverage all next week.

Finally, for our new friends who might be on the fence about buying a copy of Knee Deep, now’s the time. Once Act 2: Festival debuts in early November, the price of a Season Ticket goes up by $5.

 All three acts in a Season Pass only $9.99 until November

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Mike Inscho’s fantastic concept art has been a creative foundation for the team. Below is one of the key pieces he created for Act 2, the important Founders Day festival. More concept art for Act 2 can be seen in the proceeding gallery.

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