Knee Deep in thanks for 2015!

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Ten things we’re thankful for at Prologue Games this year:

  • All the early adopters who’ve supported Knee Deep since launch of Act 1 in July and new fans who’ve picked up the game this month with the release of Act 2.teamlaunchparty
  • Families that let us make quirky narrative games like Knee Deep for a living.
  • Our small but dedicated team, committed to bringing a unique and unpredictable story to our fans. 
  • Krash Creative  for wrangling a bunch of talented voice actors together in short order to bring the characters of Knee Deep to life.
  • SkewSound for crafting an amazing memorable soundtrack for our swamp noir adventure.
  • Steam curators that give indie games like ours a chance at a broader audience.
  • Twitch streamers who play Knee Deep for their viewers – especially the ones before we added voiceover, who lent their own unique accents to each silent character.
  • Game bloggers and websites such as,, and that promote narrative games like Knee Deep.
  • All our visitors at EGX and the folks at IndieMEGABOOTH for checking out Knee Deep this year.


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