Knee Deep in the MIX at SIGGRAPH 2015

Knee Deep@SIGGRAPH2015setup

This week, Colin’s braves the SIGGRAPH show floor in Los Angeles solo to showcase Knee Deep. We’re playing Act 1: Wonderland and chatting about indie games until Thursday, the last day the show is open. Stop by and you can pick up one of our “Now Playing” tickets.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to Media Indie Exchange, or the MIX, which is a group that promotes and publicizes promising independent games. Knee Deep is one of about a dozen indie games being shown at SIGGRAPH. Each has their own look and feel from the surreal MilitAnt in which you play as a gun-toting ant to the story-driven platform play of Planet Alpha 31. It’s fun to be included among a diverse selection of games.

Knee Deep “Now Playing” Ticket

Of course, Knee Deep is the only swamp noir adventure game of the bunch. Reports also confirm that we’re have the only game with random exclamations of “Pineapple!” and jokes about diapered chickens. There can only be one, folks.


Season Ticket now available for PC/Mac/Linux

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