Knee Deep Season Ticket now $9.99

So you didn’t like the initial price—we heard you. Effective immediately, we’re adjusting the price of a Knee Deep Season Ticket to $9.99. Right now, you can download and play Act 1: Wonderland with guaranteed access to the next two acts when they’re released. In short, purchasing a Knee Deep Season Ticket now for $9.99 nets you the all three acts—the entire game.
We’re doing this because many gamers told us the initial price was too high. With only one act available, charging for a full Season Ticket was too much–we understand. Many gamers have been burned by episodic games that take years for public release and the risk of losing money on an unproven game is real.

steam_buttonNow $9.99 until Act 2 launch

To address this, we’re putting our trust in the community by lowering the price. We ask that you trust us to deliver a good narrative adventure–download the game and find out for yourself. Those of you who have played the game have good things to say about it:

    • “It’s a pulpy novel brought into 2015, a choose your own adventure ripped right from the pages of a dime store novel” – The Jimquisition
    • “The noir-style storyline is paired with an awesome, shadowy-heavy aesthetic” – Hardcore Gamer
    • Knee Deep’s story has all the makings of a good suspense movie or a season of True Detective: shady characters, sketchy political deals, snappy dialog, small-town cranks, a religious cult. You can’t ask for more.” – JustAdventure
    • “The atmosphere is truly palpable” – Freedom CGC
    • “Don’t let this gem slip by” – Another Castle
    • “The writing and overall setup of Knee Deep and its conversation system was pretty engaging” – IndieRoot
    • “The story succeeded in sucking us in and we are eagerly awaiting the second chapter to find out what happens next.” – GameRamble

When Act 2: Festival drops later this year, the price of a Season Ticket will go up $5. This is our way of rewarding those who support us; trust us to deliver on our promises for Acts 2 and 3, we give you an early discount on the entire game. The earlier you purchase a ticket, the more you save. Jump into the adventure now for $9.99, opt for $14.99 with Act 2, or bide your time until Act 3 completes the package at $19.99.

If you purchased a Knee Deep Season Ticket before the price drop, contact us and we’ll sort things out for you. We are grateful for your early support and we don’t want anyone feeling slighted by the change—quite the opposite.

For those who might have been on the fence, now’s the time to give our swamp noir adventure a try. Also, don’t miss the Act 1 Soundtrack and Digital Playbill now available on Steam.

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