Make It Rain

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Creating a game is only half of the experience—making it available to the world is the other half.

With a perspective shaped from years spent as a game journalist and more recently working at engine maker Unity Technologies, I join the team focused on the latter: marketing, PR, managing external partnerships, and providing design input. It’s a unique partnership between Prologue Games and my company, Precipitation.

I started Precipitation with a mission to empower developers with tailored production services and creative guidance. More than just a business, it’s about people, creativity, and sustainability in pursuit of great game production—values shared by Prologue Games.

For me, this heightens what was already an exciting project. Knee Deep is an adventure game for adventure gamers; the sort of title that grabs your attention and holds it captive with an intense story.

So let’s make it storm. This is Florida, after all.

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