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Today we get the pleasure of introducing our Senior Environment Artist – Cory Farris. Cory comes to us on loan from local company Iron Foot Studios and brings his awesome 3d talent along with a fierce passion for LoL, ninjas, and everything 80s. Enough from me, here’s Cory in his own words.


Rarely does one have the opportunity to set forth on a completely new project with former colleagues. I now have the pleasure of doing just that. Having worked with most of the people at Prologue before in some capacity means that the workflow is already a known factor. Having foreknowledge of how the people around you operate makes saying the phrase “hit the ground running” inadequate at best.

We have hit the ground at light speed.

Seeing how quickly the individual aspects of Knee Deep are coming together is dizzying. This rapid pace needs an environment in which to take place. That’s where I come in. Taking the beautiful concept art that has been created for the world and turning it into something palpable. A place for the characters to not only exist, but affect change.

Art as it relates to the game design process is a vast delta with many roundabout bends and tributaries, but it is my job to find the main channel and mark it with a buoy that reads “concept to completion.”

Human life is an unceasing sequence of single actions. In this context, each of these actions is a small step closer to a polished, beautiful game. I am pleased that these actions have brought me here to Prologue Games.


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