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(Open on Author sitting down to write blog post)

Wife: Can you watch the baby for a moment while I take care of something? Why don’t you play Legos with him?

Author: Not now, I’m trying to write a post on Family-Work balance!

(awkward pause…)


I would apologize for writing about family/work balance twice in the same month but it’s just such a critical part of this whole adventure that I have to talk about it as I try to muddle through.

The past two months have been a crazy rollercoaster of work loads and family needs. Finding a healthy balance between taking care of paying clients, company projects, and family life has been a challenge. It has been really easy to justify my way into working every spare moment in the name of  “progress.” Even after two months though, I’m realizing more and more that I can hold boundaries against my own company (read: myself) and everything is not going to come crashing down.

Trying to muster up the courage to start a venture was preceded by running through a million scenarios of how my project would proceed, how I would balance my time, and how awesome everything would be. Of course as soon as reality bumped into those plans, things changed. It has been tough for me to let go of where I thought I would be by now and acknowledge that things shift and that everything is still ok.

Thankfully, the first month of overdoing everything pretty much forced me to a place where I needed to take a break and just hang out with my kids. I still feel the tug of what “could be done” pulling on me but taking the time to play Legos somehow puts everything into perspective. It doesn’t mean I don’t have mini panic attacks but it does mean I’m not missing out on the best part of working for myself. My new boss may be a jerk but at least the future is still in my hands.

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