British Bulldog

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Today we welcome Chris Wall, our senior programmer, to the team. Chris brings an deep engineering background, keen understanding of gameplay, and pleasant English accent to boot.  Without further ado, here’s Chris!



While I don’t feel that I’ve been thrown into the deep end, it does feel like the waters of this project are more than knee deep (couldn’t resist the pun!).

My job is to help realize the vision of Knee Deep from a technical perspective, creating custom scripts and shaders that will make everyone else’s jobs easier. More than 18 years of experience creating games and apps for desktop, mobile devices, consoles, and the web has me up for the challenge. I’ve worked on everything from projects with a shoestring budget to multi-million dollar endeavors, single player experiences to massively multiplayer online worlds.

I’m impressed with game’s direction, and how the different elements including art, writing, and audio are coming together. In building an adventure game, there are still techniques and skills to learn, and I’m looking forward to continuing my education at Prologue Games.

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