Stuff just got real

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Oh my, is this really happening? After years of dreaming, talking, starting (and stopping), I’ve finally stepped out from my stable job at McKinney to launch this crazy venture.

I’ve always had a passion for great storytelling and I can’t wait to start new experiences. Remember the insult swordfighting of Monkey Island, the first time you opened a portal in Myst, having to leave someone behind in Mass Effect, or crying at the end of Dear Esther? I am consumed by a passion for creating moments like that.

I firmly believe that we can build more emotionally engaging games without just pushing the graphics or hiring amazing voice actors. My aim over the next months and years is to build a strong core storytelling engine and match it up with amazing artists and authors to create a new generation of amazing games.

If this interests you at all, check in from time to time. I am far from having this all figured out, but I’ve already jumped off the cliff and need to start building this parachute on my way down. I’ll post here on a regular basis to not only keep me honest but hopefully interact with visitors and provide a breadcrumb trail so other people with more passion than brains can learn from my experience. Join me, won’t you?

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