McKinney, you rock

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So today is my last day at McKinney and I just had to share what a formative experience it has been.

I’m often asked why I moved from games to advertising (and why I stayed there for 3 years). Simply put, I wanted to learn from the best. I had heard amazing things about McKinney’s creativity and although I knew very little about how an agency actually worked, I wanted to get into that world and learn how they spoke to the general public. I had been doing games for 5 years and while I loved it, I felt like I was only learning how to talk to other gamers, not the rest of the world.

I can safely say that McKinney has delivered on that goal and so much more. I haven’t always made it easy on myself or my coworkers but despite how hard headed I could be, I received nothing but patience and guidance from my peers and mentors. I’ve learned so much more than I expected to and have had the culture of “defy what is” burned into my brain.

So thank you, McKinney. Thank you for teaching me how to understand process, and how to break it. How to simultaneously fight your client and fight for them. How to effectively use simple advertising like a banner ad or landing page and how to make something hair-brained like a beer pouring arcade machine or kinect powered holiday song generator. Thank you most of all for giving me the space to rediscover I can do absolutely anything if I find the right spark.

I will hold these years close to me, both the challenges and the successes. As I step out into this new adventure, I hope to continue hearing those 5 words echo through everything I do:






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