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“Would you buy this game if it were available in Steam?”

This is the question we’re putting before gamers with the start of our Steam Greenlight campaign today. To help answer this with a firm thumbs-up, we’re taking the wrap off a brand new trailer for Act 1: Wonderland. Rather than gameplay cuts and lists of features, we aim to set the mood for what we call “swamp noir.”

Our approach to the adventure game is admittedly different. Knee Deep is very much a story-driven game, one that is centered on conversation and choice. The idea is to let you choose the personality of the character on the stage, selecting responses and making key decisions. This isn’t a puzzle-heavy adventure game–early play tests convinced us that they would significantly distract from storytelling. This also isn’t a choose-your-own-adventure novel where death awaits a wrong page turn; instead, the game is its own twisted web of connections that never results in a dead end.

We want you to dig into the characters, make choices, and see how they play out. Sometimes the impact of a choice is immediate, while other decisions have ramifications on events in later acts. Not every decision results in a consequence that is immediately highlighted and we like that. This uncertainty is a reason to play through the end, to see how your choices come together.

It’s a concept that ties into our theatrical presentation, too. Knee Deep is staged for a reason: the cynicism that frequently defines characters in film noir translates to a feeling of circumstances being rigged or staged. In essence, there’s no escaping cruel fate no matter what these characters do, no matter how pure their intention. It’s a sense that freewill and fairness are being hijacked by…someone.

We think we’re making the sort of original, story-focused adventure that a lot of gamers crave. Help us get Knee Deep onto Steam by voting for the game today!

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